$65.00 USD

Sacred Grief

Grief is often seen as “weak” or “dirty.” When actually our grief is healthy and complicated– it is sacred. Our Grief holds messages from our ancestors about what we need to process, how far we have come, and the wisdom we carry. Our grief is sacred. Join me in making space for Sacred Grief & what we need collectively to engage in this work– together.

What is covered in this LIVE 90-minute course:

  • Together, we will understand how to differentiate between grief, anxiety, and collective grief and energy.
  • We will analyze and decode how grief shows up in historically ignored communities and cultures, and we will learn how to reclaim and embody “big grief” in order to ride it.
  • We will create a fluid and ever-evolving collective and personal grief practice.

If you’d like more healing like this, please check out our two other available courses: Sacred Rage and Sacred Boundaries.

What People Are Saying:

I have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years and have never experienced a workshop so transformative both at a personal and professional level. I often left the Decolonizing Therapy workshops with more questions than answers, in a good way, and felt a great personal connection to so much of the materials presented.

Puja Satwani, LCSW, California, Politicizing Your Practice, participant

I want to thank you for the time we have spent. The workshop series has been inspiring, moving, highly engaging, and deeply impactful to me personally and professionally. I've very much enjoyed the sessions and I wished we could continue meeting! As you know, your work with us is connected to the work we do in understanding trauma, historical and intergenerational trauma, including systemic racism and other forms of oppression that we are all impacted by and show up in our work. We all have to continue showing up and work to dismantle racism, decolonize our thinking and perspectives, language, practices, understandings, and the social work field.

DS, Streetworks Program, NY