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Sacred Boundaries

Your boundaries speak, softly or strongly. They have energy, frequency, rhyme, and reason. When engaging with “big emotions,” personally & societally, our energetic hygiene is essential. Join me as we learn how to better understand, acknowledge, and notice our energetic health and boundaries. They are AS important as literal boundaries.

What is covered in this LIVE 90-minute course:

  • We will recognize the importance of our unique energy hygiene and examine how it impacts yourself and others so you can create energetic boundaries
  • We will acknowledge and integrate the ancestral roots of energy practices so that you can implement the practice with regard for the ancestral lineage.
  • Together, we will create somatic practices that can be used daily to maintain healthy energetic boundaries allowing you to drop into your body with more ease.

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What People Are Saying:

Engaging, energizing, grounded, emotionally charged, and inspiring.

I was blown away by Dr. Mullan's ability to be engaging, energizing, grounded, emotionally charged, challenging, and inspiring all at the same time, particularly when delivering her remarks in a virtual format. Attendees in the room could be seen nodding their heads and responding to her remarks, and online they used the chat to comment on the power of Dr. Mullan's words and ideas.

Anonymous keynote audience member

... it brought so many of us together to learn about how and why we or our peers may be feeling so many feelings. On behalf of us all at Honey, a very heartfelt and full Thank You for organizing, working on, and presenting such an amazing, loving, informative talk for us all. I know it was needed and it brought so many of us together to learn about how and why we or our peers may be feeling so many feelings. I know I have benefited so much from understanding colonization and how it affected my life and I'm so grateful your work has been able to touch my friends at Honey as well. I appreciate you so much - thank you for doing so much of this work to help others.

Anonymous, Honey/PayPal