Join the global movement that is radically reimagining the old mental health paradigm.

Heal your past. Honor your history. Cultivate liberation. Harvest joy.

For too long, the goal of therapy has been to help people adapt to oppression and cope with the ongoing trauma of colonial, capitalist and white supremacist systems.

Well the old paradigm is crumbling, and frankly it’s long overdue.


Decolonizing Therapy

Oppression, Historical Trauma & Politicizing Your Practice

Decolonizing Therapy is for all practitioners who are willing to take an honest look inward. To find the places that colonization has permeated their minds and bodies. And firmly pull them out at the root.

This book is not just about what is broken. It is a hopeful invitation to co-create a new emotional health paradigm. To build something new while remembering, reclaiming, and restoring what was.


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Space holders, wellness workers, helpers, healers, and liberators.

You want to do good work in the world.

But lately, something just isn’t sitting right.

You’re in the business of helping people heal, but you’re deeply unwell yourself. You’re stressed out, overwhelmed, and barely making ends meet. Disconnected from peers, clients, community, and your own humanity.

You lie awake at night worrying you’re complicit with a broken system. Afraid you’re doing more harm than good. You know our mental health systems are deeply flawed. At best, they help people adapt to oppression. At best, they help people (barely) survive.

You don’t want to be just another cog in the machine.

But you can’t abolish the mental health industrial complex and rebuild something new by yourself. So you keep plugging along. Doing your best within an imperfect system. Making peace with your powerlessness. Minimizing harm where you can.

You’re bone tired. Some days you feel like quitting. But a stubborn voice inside of you says: Don’t give up. There has to be a better way.

A better way is possible.

Join the global movement that is reimagining how the world understands therapy and mental health. That insists on a world where liberation, joy, and healing are available to all.

The Colonial Soul Wound™

I am committed to compassionately abolishing the settler within.

The Colonial Soul Wound™ is the impact of colonization on the psyche, spirit, and soul of a people + persons, leading to disconnection, disembodiment + fragmentation of the collective + self, as well as over-reliance on Western ways.

The Colonial Soul Wound™ shows up as:

  • Dissociation/disembodiment due to Eurocentric violence
  • Pervasive Soul Dehydration + Exhaustion
  • Conditioned colonial responses
  • Cyclical generational behaviours
  • Hypervigilance
  • Repressed Rage
  • Belief in + protection of colonial systems/rules
  • Minimization of Magic and Spirit
  • Denial/Rejection of ancestors and/or cultural practises
  • Over-pathologization
  • Fear of being seen

I’m Dr. Jennifer Mullan, founder of Decolonizing Therapy–lovingly called “The Rage Doctor.”

I’ve been in your shoes. Tired, overwhelmed, and burned out from shoving individual interventions in holes created by systemic issues.

As a colleague once said: We don’t just need therapy.

We need a revolution.


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