The Decolonizing Therapy team currently has two signature courses available online:

The three-part “Politicizing Your Practice” helps mental health practitioners, social workers, nonprofits, institutions, grassroots organizations and others to acknowledge and better understand the emotional decolonial process in order to reassess their education and the question of whom they are serving.

The “Honoring Your Sacred Rage” master class is for anyone seeking to expand their understanding of shame, grief and ancestral trauma and the basics of unconscious and protective rage disguises. 

Either can be viewed at your own pace — more information and registration links are below. 

In addition to self-guided learning, we offer Politicizing Your Practice (PYP) group immersions to help the pre-recorded materials come alive and turn knowledge into action. If you or your team are looking for Immersions with Dr. Jenn and/or her team alongside the pre-recorded PYP series, get in touch using this form. We will work with you to customize the guidance to your team’s needs and supplement either course for an additional fee.

Courses and course materials are for educational purposes only, and do not constitute therapy, a therapeutic relationship, medical care, or medical advice. 


“Politicizing Your Practice” is a three-part series that supports therapy practices and nonprofit organizations interested in cultivating a decolonized, anti-oppression lens and praxis in their work. 

The sessions cover:

  • The violence and trauma of colonization and how this shows up in our daily lives
  • The ways practitioners may consciously or unconsciously contribute to harm
  • What it looks like to understand our own roots and ancestral historical experiences
  • How to stop colluding with the mental health industrial complex
  • How to be a white therapist and decolonize
  • Politicizing therapy without talking about politics all the time
  • Radicalizing how an academic department teaches and talks about mental health
  • Keeping a safe and ethical therapeutic frame while weaving in spirituality and healing
  • Bringing action and solidarity into psychotherapy, instead of just identifying trauma and pathologizing

“Politicizing Your Practice” creates a space for re-education and self-reflection about structural oppression in mental health and supports participants to “re-remember” ancestral forms of resiliency. These are sacred and vulnerable spaces that begin to deconstruct and dismantle the mental health industrial complex while creating new practices in community.  

Our team believes it is essential for mental health professionals to question the relatability of the mental health industrial complex and, ultimately, to reassess their education and the question of whom they are serving.

For 6-month access to these three pre-recorded sessions (each between 60-120 minutes long), view our registration page. When you sign up, you receive a hosting manual (for sponsoring organizations), participant guide, worksheets, journal prompts and a list of recommended readings.

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“I have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years and have never experienced a workshop so transformative both at a personal and professional level. I often left the Decolonizing Therapy workshops with more questions than answers, in a good way, and felt a great personal connection to so much of the materials presented.”

—Puja Satwani, LCSW, California, Politicizing Your Practice, participant 



The “Honoring Your Rage Disguises” master class is for anyone seeking to expand their understanding of sacred rage: its connection to shame, grief and ancestral trauma; the ways our inner rage child requires consistency, embodied boundaries and compassion; and the basics of our unconscious and protective rage disguises.  

We speak to people who:

  • Struggle with accessing or accepting their inner rage child/teen
  • Feel controlled by rage, or perhaps are frightened by it, and seek more balance
  • Desire to understand how trauma gives birth to inner rage, and how this can lead to a direct connection to the sacred
  • Sense that there is a connection between ancestral histories of displacement, oppression and dehumanization and are grappling with how this connects to the present day
  • Want to build an intimate relationship with the specific and sacred rage inherited from their parents and ancestors and use it as an opportunity to heal and transform personal and intergenerational suffering

This online masterclass is offered on a sliding scale of $65 - $150. To learn more and register, view our registration page.

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"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your amazing contribution to our conference. All of us were touched by the thought and work that you put into your talk - many references to local context that did not shy away from the truth about our history and tying it to common global experiences of colonization. I think this is powerful for many reasons." 

 -  Lisa Miller, Regina Sexual Assault Centre, Saskatshawan, Canada (keynote)



What if Rage is a gift from your beloved ancestors to illuminate your chords of connection? What if, at a somatic level, Rage is a sign that your boundaries have been crossed, or will be? What if Rage was a survival and coping tool you could use daily in your life?

The answer is YES to all of these. Rage is not a problem to be solved or an emotion to be eradicated. Our rage is sacred. It is the boundary keeper and protector. Our rage is a sacred messenger. In this workshop, you will dive into your Sacred Rage with the support of The Collective.

What is covered in this 90-minute course:

  • Together, we will define and unlearn what we know about Rage in a colonial, Eurocentric sense.
  • We will create space to feel your Sacred Rage and acknowledge how it may be speaking to and through you.
  • We will design processes that honor and create space for your Ancestry and how it may speak through your Sacred Rage.
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"Above all, you taught me that my rage isn't disgusting or bad… you taught me that I am lovable as a big, bad, raging kid from the hood. Thank you Dr. Jenn. Seriously, you ARE the rage doctor. The work we have done together in group over the past 4 years has changed me. I see my caregivers differently. I see my childhood trauma differently. I see my Blackness differently. You supported me in elevating myself. You supported me and became a case manager when I was homeless, and you knew how to hold space just in the right way when I needed food, and clothing, and to regulate my nerves. Above all, you taught me that my rage isn't disgusting or bad… you taught me that I am lovable as a big, bad, raging kid from the hood. I salute you Dr. J." 

 -  K.B. University student



What if you could learn to understand your grief and anxiety as a sacred container to create an ever-evolving personal healing practice?

Imagine knowing the difference between your personal grief and anxiety and that collective energy of grief and anxiety that isn’t yours to hold. Imagine the relief and wholeness you’ll feel when you have the tools to move through the message. And imagine moving through the message with ease.

What is covered in this 90-minute course:

  • Together, we will understand how to differentiate between grief, anxiety, and collective grief and energy.
  • We will analyze and decode how grief shows up in historically ignored communities and cultures, and we will learn how to reclaim and embody “big grief” in order to ride it.
  • We will create a fluid and ever-evolving collective and personal grief practice.
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"I want to thank you for the time we have spent. The workshop series has been inspiring, moving, highly engaging, and deeply impactful to me personally and professionally. I've very much enjoyed the sessions and I wished we could continue meeting! As you know, your work with us is connected to the work we do in understanding trauma, historical and intergenerational trauma, including systemic racism and other forms of oppression that we are all impacted by and show up in our work. We all have to continue showing up and work to dismantle racism, decolonize our thinking and perspectives, language, practices, understandings, and the social work field." 

 -  DS, Streetworks Program, NY



What if you could learn how to maintain boundaries that are healthy for you by tuning into your ancestor’s wisdom?

Imagine knowing and honoring your energetic needs and boundaries on a daily basis. Imagine having the tools to decode your ancestor’s beliefs, practices, and wisdom. Imagine feeling the somatic freeness that comes when you honor your needs and limits.

What is covered in this 90-minute course:

  • Together, we will recognize the importance of our unique energy hygiene and examine how it impacts yourself and others so you can create energetic boundaries.
  • We will acknowledge and integrate the ancestral roots of energy practices so that you can implement the practice with regard for the ancestral lineage.
  • We will create somatic practices that can be used daily to maintain healthy energetic boundaries allowing you to drop into your body with more ease.
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"I was blown away by Dr. Mullan's ability to be engaging, energizing, grounded, emotionally charged, challenging, and inspiring all at the same time, particularly when delivering her remarks in a virtual format. Attendees in the room could be seen nodding their heads and responding to her remarks, and online they used the chat to comment on the power of Dr. Mullan's words and ideas." 

 -  Anonymous keynote audience member


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