Unpacking the oppressive legacies of modern mental health practices and returning to the root

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The Energetics of the Parent Wound

Learn about how our parents' wounding impacts us in years later. Even if you've never met your parents, you'll walk away with tangible actions for processing this wound.


The Energetics of Rage

Learn about how our rage builds, through generations, through our lifetime, and how to release it all through energetic and somatic practices.


The Energetics of Exhaustion

Understand what sits behind the Energetics of exhaustion and learn psycho-spiritual somatic exercises for the energetic hygiene to ease your Soul Exhaustion


The Rage Disguises

101-level webinar for uncovering how rage is sacred, ancestral, and deserving of attention.



Sacred Learning Trio: Workshop Bundle

Explore your Rage, Grief and Boundaries in this 3 workshop bundle.

$195.00 $175.00

Sacred Learning Trio: Sacred Rage

Understand how your Ancestors and Body speak through your rage.


Sacred Learning Trio: Sacred Grief

Learn tools to cope with the dance between personal and collective grief.


Sacred Learning Trio: Sacred Boundaries

Explore psycho-spiritual and somatic exercises for the energetic hygiene of your boundaries.


Politicizing Your Practice

3-part pre-recorded series for: therapy practices, non-profits, and grassroots organizations.

Self Guided: $3,500.00
Group Immersion: inquire for price


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