Sacred Learning Trio:

Sacred Rage


*This is a replay from 1/3/2023

What if Rage is a gift from your beloved ancestors to illuminate your chords of connection? What if, at a somatic level, Rage is a sign that your boundaries have been crossed, or will be? What if Rage was a survival and coping tool you could use daily in your life?

The answer is YES to all of these. Rage is not a problem to be solved or an emotion to be eradicated. Our rage is sacred. It is the boundary keeper and protector. Our rage is a sacred messenger. In this workshop, you will dive into your Sacred Rage with the support of The Collective.

What is covered in this LIVE 90-minute course:

  • Together, we will define and unlearn what we know about Rage in a colonial, Eurocentric sense.
  • We will create space to feel your Sacred Rage and acknowledge how it may be speaking to and through you.
  • We will design processes that honor and create space for your Ancestry and how it may speak through your Sacred Rage.

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