Sacred Learning Trio:

Sacred Grief


*This is a replay from 1/10/2023

What if you could learn to understand your grief and anxiety as a sacred container to create an ever-evolving personal healing practice?

Imagine knowing the difference between your personal grief and anxiety and that collective energy of grief and anxiety that isn’t yours to hold. Imagine the relief and wholeness you’ll feel when you have the tools to move through the message. And imagine moving through the message with ease.

What is covered in this 90-minute course:

  • Together, we will understand how to differentiate between grief, anxiety, and collective grief and energy.
  • We will analyze and decode how grief shows up in historically ignored communities and cultures, and we will learn how to reclaim and embody “big grief” in order to ride it.
  • We will create a fluid and ever-evolving collective and personal grief practice.

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