Sacred Learning Trio:

Workshop Bundle


*These are replays from January 2023. You will receive 120 days of access to ensure time to digest all 3 workshops.

Delve into Sacred Rage, Sacred Grief, & Sacred Boundaries. Each session stands alone; to truly embody the experience. Purchase the Sacred Deep Bundle to engage in all three.

What if Rage and Grief are gifts from your beloved ancestors to illuminate your chords of connection? What if, at a somatic level, Rage and Grief are a sign that your Boundaries have been crossed, or will be?

Rage and Grief are not problems to be solved or emotions to be eradicated. Our Rage is sacred. Our Grief is sacred. They are the boundary keepers and protectors. They are the sacred messengers – leading us to bolster and embody our Sacred Boundaries so that we can be in better communion with and to our body, our emotional health, and one another. When we are conscious of our own energetic boundaries – we begin to move from places being filled rather than lack.

In these three 90 minute workshops, you will dive into your Sacred Rage, Sacred Grief and Sacred Boundaries and learn how to honor your energetic needs and boundaries with the tools to decode your ancestor’s beliefs, practices, and wisdom. Recognize the importance of our unique energy hygiene and examine how it impacts yourself and others so you can create energetic boundaries. Discover how to tune into your ancestor's wisdom to create an ever-evolving personal healing practice.