Sacred Learning Trio:

Sacred Boundaries


*This is a replay from 1/17/2023

What if you could learn how to maintain boundaries that are healthy for you by tuning into your ancestor’s wisdom?

Imagine knowing and honoring your energetic needs and boundaries on a daily basis. Imagine having the tools to decode your ancestor’s beliefs, practices, and wisdom. Imagine feeling the somatic freeness that comes when you honor your needs and limits.

What is covered in this 90-minute course:

  • Together, we will recognize the importance of our unique energy hygiene and examine how it impacts yourself and others so you can create energetic boundaries.
  • We will acknowledge and integrate the ancestral roots of energy practices so that you can implement the practice with regard for the ancestral lineage.
  • We will create somatic practices that can be used daily to maintain healthy energetic boundaries allowing you to drop into your body with more ease.

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