The Energetics of the Parent Wound


 *This is a replay from Oct 18, 2023

This is a webinar for everyone who is reparenting themselves or releasing generational sh*t.

For those who have a complicated relationship with their parents and their childhood and are ready to shift.

The reality is that what happened to our parents- can impact us.

Sometimes we share this unconscious primordial allegiance with our parents and their struggles.

Sometimes our parent’s experiences of poverty, migration, unresolved & unacknowledged loss, their abusive cycles, and their coping mechanisms unexpectedly (consciously and unconsciously) land in our lap.

This recorded course seeks to answer questions like:

  • What do we do with this wound?

  • What is Generational Trauma exactly?

  • Is there an energetic and / or spiritual component to Generational Trauma?

  • What exactly is a trauma transmission- and how can I f&cking stop it?

  • What’s the difference between generational trauma and a generational curse?

  • How does my parent(s) wounding impact me?
  • What can I realistically and actionably do about this?

Even if you have never met your parents.


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